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Recently Ollywood actress Riya Dey sign a new movie whose title is ‘Hau Hau Heigala Re’. It was already released on the OTT Kanchalanka app. Actor Raj Rajesh will be seen with the opposite of heroine Riya Dey. The audience is already seen both in a movie and viewers have also loved and admired this pair. Hopefully ‘Hau Hau Heigala Re’ movie will have the same success. Other well-known Ollywood actors like Pintu Nanda, Sasmita Pradhan, Akhila Bastia, Sweta Archarya are in this movie in different roles. This movie was directed by Ramesh Rout, produced by Nilamani Sahoo and Subash Das.

Hau Hau Heigala Re Odia Full Movie


Sometimes a person loses his heart in such a place that he never imagines! Bringing such a story to ‘Hoo Hoo Heigala Re’ where exactly such a sweet-and-sweet love affair is building, it has so many romantic and fun twists & turns, watch Hau Hau Heigala Re full movie only on the Kanccha Lanka app!

Hau Hau Heigala Full Movie

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