Varsha Priyadarshini New Odia Movie Bijayini is set to hit theaters


Bijayini-Bijaya Bhaba“, with such a title Ollywood Queen Varsha Priyadarshini is leading her way. Once again, she is making another new Odia film based on the issue of women’s empowerment. The daughter of a small town is facing various challenges in fulfilling her desire to serve the people. That shows in this movie. Barsha is in the lead role. Her character’s name is “Bijayini” in this film. In other lead roles, Debashis Patra is there with comedian Prakash. In other roles, Papi Saruka and Dhira Mallick, Saroj Das, Vikram Mohanty, Sriram, actress Trupti Sinha, Mama, Prustha, and Shova Raut have starred. Barsha is very happy to share the screen with all of them. “The experience of making a movie will always be memorable for me,” she said. The film is directed by Sudhakar Basanta, a well-known Ollywood director. Barsha has worked as a creative head and storytelling and screenwriting. Chandrashekhar Mishra was in charge of editing while Bhagat Singh was in charge of the camera. Odisha’s leading songwriters are Renowned lyricists Vijay Mall, Ta, Nirmal Nayak, Arun Mantri, and Shirshananda Das Kanungo. In a very beautiful voice by popular musician Prem Anand, the songs have been ornamented. The dialogue of the movie is written by Vijay Mall. Produced by Sangeeta Kakhei and Bilaya Kandai. According to the production team, the film is set to hit theaters soon.

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