Tapas Sargharia Made Ollywood Debut in a Supporting Role

Tapas Sargharia is also playing a character role in spite of directing Anubhav’s upcoming film ‘Love in London’. This character plays an important role in bringing the hero and heroine together. He has already acted in some films directed by himself. However, in this new movie, his character is very strong and gives a different twist to the story. The film, which was 70 percent shot in London, stars Swapna Priyadarshini and Soumya opposite Anubhav Mohanty. The director has placed the Chhau dance of the Mayurbhanj in the story of the film. In terms of location, story, music, and presentation, the film will succeed in keeping the audience’s attention, the director said. He said that the ‘Love In London’ Odia movie will be released in the upcoming Raj festival.

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