Oxygen Odia Movie Song Making Video Behind The Scenes

This is the first film of AARPEE Production Banner. This features Sambit Acharya and Tamanna Vyas in a special song in the romantic flick. Watch the dance song shooting video behind the scenes of the movie Oxygen below. Under the direction of Pinu Nayak, who is also director of the super hit films Indrajala’ and ‘Jor Ka Jhatka’. The producer of this film is Siva Prasad Panda. In the future, he will do films on new topics said, Mr. Shiva Prasad Panda.
Climate change refers to man-made toxicity. Carbone dioxide (CO2), methane and other types of gases from chemical industries, the chemical used in agriculture, cement factory, and deforestation is the main cause of climate change. All together they mean global warming. High temperatures cause cyclones and lead to bad weather. Climate change can sometimes endanger people with water shortages, floods, extreme heat, more diseases, and more economic losses. It could also lead to human displacement. Director Pinu Nayak is making a film based on a current theme, whose story; screenplay, and dialogues are written by Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Panda. Mr. Shiva Prasad Panda is in charge of the project. The official trailer video of Odia movie Oxygen will be uploaded soon.
Oxygen Odia movie song shooting video.

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