Hit First Week Collection for Odia Movies Arundhati- Elina, Rajveer

Newcomer Rajveer, His debut movie “Arundhati” was released on the occasion of Dussera this year. The movie got good audience responses in its starting week. This movie will be lucky for his future, said the newcomer. as a hero is not romantic, he is seen in a full action pack. The film has been released in 22 film halls across the state. The film was released after a long wait due to a corona. Behind a successful man, there is a woman’s hand. This fictional story is based on this message.

  It will shock the audience that Rajveer alias Shiva has risked his life to put a helpless girl like Arundhati to stand on her feet. How a woman has made a young man from a slum successful by her sacrifice. The film stars actress Elina Samantray and actor Rajveer in the lead role in the film.

 About getting success from first cinema Rajveer says, “When the discussion took place I predicted this movie must impress the audience. The success of the movie in the first week has been an inspiration to me. I have done hard work to accomplish this role. I will now sign the offer after thinking about the role properly.”  

Ramesh Barik and Ajitav Malik produced the movie and the dialogue author is Dr. Rajni Ranjan. Music direction has been given by Abhijit Majumdar. Watch Arundhati Odia movie trailer video.

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