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Gupchup Odia Movie Cast, Release Date, Story, Trailer, Budget, Video Song

Actor Amlan Das is now in the hot news. He is in love with a young girl secretly. But this is not in real life, now the secret is to be seen on the big screen, not in personal life. Alman will be seen in his upcoming Odia movie Gupchup. 


The story of this movie is also very different. The main attraction of the film is the story of a pure Odia youth. The story revolves around love, romance, suspense, friendship, and the ordinary life of a common man. Comedy King Papu Pam will be seen in the role of a comedy character. For the first time, four heroines will be seen in the film. Amlan is in the lead role against the four heroines. Among the heroines, director Prithviraj Patnaik has experimented in movies with Sunmeera Nagesh, Himagni, Ananya, and Anusika. This is a high-budget movie that compares to the recent past.

gupchup odia movie


 Cast Crew

  • Movie Name: Gup Chup
  • Main Cast:   Amlan Das, Sunmeera Nagesh
  • Other Cast: Ananya Mishra, Aurosikha Mishra, Himagni Dutta, Papu Pom Pom, Ashwin Ray Mohapatra, Santu Nije, Abhinav,  Sp Dash,&, Sailendra Samantaray.
  • Banner:      Black and White motion pictures
  • Director: Prithviraj Patnaik
  • Story/Writer: Manas Padhiari
  • Editor: Manas Kumar Sahoo
  • Music: Abhijit Majumdar
  • DOP: Akshay Kumar Nayak
  • Production designer: Sachi Babu
  • Producer: Aniket Dash & Sanghamitra Mohanty
  • Asst Director: Sourav Mishra
  • Publicity Design: Azhar Ali
  • Release Date: 10 June 2022 (This Raja)

New Cast

 This is the first time that Sailendra Samantaray and Himagni, started their careers with music videos. Amlan has been an issue in real life but will be seen as a struggle and a lover in reel life. The film stars Sailendra in the role of Amlan as a child. Producer Aniket Das and Sanghamitra Mohanty are experimenting on newcomers like Sailendra and Himagni. The story is written by Manas Padiary. The songs are sung by Sashanka, Satyajit, Sushant Padhi, Ananya, and Asima Panda. Similarly, Raja D has choreographed this film.

 Heroine Role

 The role of actress Sunmeera Nagesh will appeal to the audience in the film.  Sunmeera will be seen in the role of an ordinary young woman in the film. The girl has an up and down graph on her life. At first, she fell in love with Amlan. The film’s climax has been put on hold. Which will be made the movie exciting for the audience.

Trailer/ Video Song

will be uploaded soon.


gupchup odia movie poster




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