Actor Jyoti And Supriya will see Together in Movie Besahara

Humans sometimes make mistakes in their life, either unintentionally or knowingly. But there comes a time when this small mistake takes a terrible shape in the future, how two families are subjected to undue tension over a minor mistake and the consequences that Based on him, the movie “Besahara” was made. This is the second film by Acharya Entertainment which was produced by Pradeep Prakash Acharya. The story, screenplay, dialogue composition, and film direction are handled by “Yogi”. “It revolves around a basic story. Niranjan says, “It shows how alcohol causes problems in two families.” Jyoti Nayak, Supriya, Pintu Nanda, Pradyumna Lenka, Dev Brahma, Pratibha Panda, Biju Ladjena, and Poppy Santhka are the lead actors to be seen on this movie. Abhijit Mazumdar has given voice to the four songs composed on his own.

besahara odia movie

Earlier Pradeep produced a movie titled “Prema Pain Mahabharat” which was a hit at the box office. What this movie is doing will be known only after its release.

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