2 Odia movies are going to be released on TV this Sunday 31 Oct

Two new Odia films have been released at the premiere. The premiere will take place next Sunday evening, the 31st of this month In world television premiere. With a combination of comedy and love drama ‘Lali Haba Kahara?’ movie releases at 6 pm. To give a great response on the same day at 6.30 pm the serious drama movie “Bapa ICU Re Achhanti” is being released on Tarang TV. In “Sai Hari Vision” production the well-known actor Ravi Mishra made the film “Lali Haba Kahara?”. Through this, he is all set to come into production. The story is of different tastes. How the heroes line up to marry Lali is depicted with humor. Hero Sambit and heroin Suryamayee Mohapatra, Bobby Mishra, Ravi Mishra, Pintu Nanda, Jeevan Panda, and Chowdhury Jayaprakash Das have acted in various roles. Directed by Stylish director Ashok Pati. The dialogue was written by Sanjay. The song was composed and sung by Melody Master Abhijit Majumdar.

Like this another story, the same goes for the grief of a middle-class family. The multi-star movie “Bapa ICU Re Achhanti” was made under the Tarang Cine Production banner. The eldest son admitted his father to a private hospital. After that problem he and his family faced, the story is based on this platform. Devadatta Mohanty writes stories, screenplays, and dialogues in this. And this is directed by Tapas Sargharia. Song has been written by Dr. Nirmal Nayak and Devidatta Mohanty and directed by Abhijit Majumdar. Produced by Arun Sahu. The camera operation is done by a talented cinematographer with two talents Rabindra Behera and Bhagat Singh. In various roles, Jagjit, Mitali, Pradyumna Lenka, Kuni Mishra, Sabdiki Mishra, Ushashi Mishra, Ratan Meher, Madhumita Mohanty, Shuvrangshu, Alka, Putu, Raj, Aishwarya, Shakti Baral, Anant Mishra, Nira, Saroj Das, Kunal Patnaik, Devi Barik, Ilu Banerjee, Tribhuvan, and Gudia star are there.

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